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Worship draws us into God’s presence and pleases Him.  It moves us to recognize God’s worth.  Genuine worship brings joy, adoration, thanksgiving and conviction.


Prayer moves us closer to God’s heart and to one another; it guides and empowers us to live out God’s calling and accomplish God’s supernatural work.  Through prayer we experience God.


In connecting with one another we nurture genuine transparent relationships where spiritual growth happens.  Through fellowship we have the opportunity to care for and mentor one another.


Sharing the hope of Christ is God’s desire for us.  People are precious to God, but without Christ they are hopeless.  Our great privilege is to share the living hope of Jesus with lost people.

God’s Word

God’s Word shows us the greatness of God and his loving plan.  It shows us who Jesus is.  It is through His Word that our hope is found, our lives are transformed, and our faith is grown.


Obedience calls us to step out in faith and experience God and the life He has for us – an incredible life of joy, peace, purpose and holiness.  In obedience we enjoy the Holy Spirit and his work in our lives.

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